Uses for Multi-Wall Paper Bags

When you go to the grocery store, the clerk will ask: “paper or plastic?” Multi-wall paper bags are just like the ones you carry your groceries in, but with more layers. These extra layers, or “walls,” are most often made of plastic film, polyethylene coated paper, or foil. These walls work as a protective layer, making your bags water-repellant and insect resistant. These layers also provide an additional barrier against rodents.

Multi-wall paper bags can be sewn in a handful of ways, but Commercial Bag & Supply specializes in two: Sewn Open Mouth (SOM) and Self Opening Square (SOS).

Sewn Open Mouth Paper Bags multi-wall paper bags

These bags are filled by compression or gravity. An open mouth bag is fabricated at the sack plant and the top can be closed in a number of ways at the packing plant. SOM bags are gusseted and have easy open features, a sewn factory end, and a flush cut top.


Self Opening Square Paper Bags multi-wall paper bags SOS

A Self Opening Square paper bag is similar to an SOM bag, but they have a pasted block bottom. They also feature an open end flush cut and are gusseted. These bags are most identifiable by their square looking bottoms (think grocery bags!) when compared to sewn open mouth bags.



Multi-Wall Paper Bag Uses

Multi-wall paper bags can be a particularly handy item to have on hand for a number of industries. The most popular uses include storage for spices, bakery mixes, bulk food, pet food, agricultural feed and seed, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and minerals.


Order Multi-Wall Paper Bags

Commercial Bag & Supply specializes in custom orders, and is currently accepting orders for multi-wall paper bags in one of our specified manufactured sizes listed below:

Sewn Open-Mouth Paper Wall Bag

Item Number Item Description Comments Packing / Pallet
MPB16436 16x4x36″ Multiwall Paper Bags 3-Ply Kraft 2000
MPB16540PE 16x5x40″ Multiwall Paper Bags W/PE 3-Ply Kraft + PE Inner Ply 1400
MPB19540 19x5x40″ Multiwall Paper Bags NK 3-Ply Kraft 1500
MPB21647 21x6x47″ Multiwall Paper Bags 3-Ply Kraft 1200
MPBACE-M-1 15.5x3x31″ Multiwall Paper Bags NK W/PE 3-Ply Kraft + PE Inner Ply 2000
MPBACE-M-4 18x4x37″ Multiwall Paper Bags NK W/PE Pos.2 3-Ply Kraft, PE Between Plies 2000
MPBACE-M-5 18x4x37″ Multiwall Paper Bags NK 3-Ply Kraft 2000
MPBACE-M-6 15.5x3x31″ Multiwall Paper Bags BW W/PE 3-Ply Kraft, White Outer, +PE Inner 2000
MPBACE-M-8 17x3x34″ Multiwall Paper Bags, NK W/PE POS.2 3-Ply Kraft, PE Between Plies 2000
PBWW10GAL 13x8x24″ Wet-Waste Hospital Refuse Bags 1-Ply W-S Kraft W/PE Inner Coat 60 BDLS / 100EA
PBWW30GAL 16x11x39″ Wet-Waste Hospital Refuse Bags 2-Ply W-S Kraft W/PE Inner Coat 50 BDLS / 50EA

Self-Opening Square Paper Wall Bag

Item Number Item Description Comments Packing / Pallet
MPB13732 10 Gallon Biodegradable Paper Refuse Bags 13x7x32″ 2-Ply 50# Wet-Strength 20 BDLS / 100EA
PB30GALREFUSE 30 Gallon Paper Lawn/Leaf Refuse Bags 16x12x35″ 2-Ply 50# Wet-Strength 40 BDLS / 50EA
PB40GALREFUSE 40 Gallon Paper Lawn/Leaf Refuse Bags 20x12x38.5″ 2-Ply 50# Wet-Strength 30 BDLS / 50EA
PB40GALREFUSE2 40 Gallon Paper Lawn/Leaf Bags, Imports 17.5x11x39″ 2-80GR Wet-Strength 35 BDLS / 50EA

Summer Landscaping Guide

Think you missed the seasonal boat for sprucing up your garden? Think again! By following our best practices for summer landscaping, you’ll be able to feast your eyes upon new blooms in just a few weeks’ time. For all your landscape fabric and nursery cover needs, Commercial Bag & Supply can help your summer garden with nearly any custom order.

Summer Landscaping


Summer Landscaping Tips

  • Focus on planting hot-season vegetables rather than cool-season ones. This includes tasty treats like sweet potatoes, cowpeas, okra, eggplant, yardlong beans, and cowpeas. In addition to hot-season veggies, tropical bulbs are also ideal for summer gardens. Caladiums, cannas, gingers, and elephant ears will actually grow faster in the heat.
  • Try to be water-conscious. Don’t water your plants unless it’s necessary. This step can be helped by creating a drought-tolerant garden. Now, that doesn’t mean you can just forget about your plants entirely, but it does mean a low-maintenance garden. Make sure your soil remains moist until your plants have taken off.
  • That being said, make sure you’re watering your garden at the right time of day. That means morning time. By watering in the early hours, your roots will have a better opportunity of absorbing the moisture.
  • Don’t forget about the wellness of your grass. High summer temps can be particularly damaging to your lawn. Pick up some fertilizer from your local garden store, but avoid fertilizing on days that reach 90 degrees or higher.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget the weeding. You can let the weeds grow for a little while, but make sure you’ve pulled them before they bloom and go to seed. We suggest using a hook or mattock for established weeds and a hoe or cultivator for new weeds in looser soil.