Commercial Bag and Supply Company, originally called Commercial Bag and Textile, was founded in 1948 by two brothers. They started out in a small, 5,000 square foot building. This starting company consisted of manufacturing burlap and cotton parts bags and the distribution of wiping rags.

In 1976, the brothers retired and sold the business to the current owner. In order to keep this company existing, they started diversifying. The first thing added was toweling. During this time, they also noticed a need for paper towels and other paper products. They then started developing into a full service company. With the increase in services and products, the first salesperson was hired. 2,700 more feet were added to the existing building to accommodate the increases. Even with this extra space, Commercial Bag and Textile was becoming too large for its foundation.

In 1982, Commercial Bag and Textile moved to a two-story, 12,000 square foot building to work with. This increase in space was much needed. In order to store and retrieve things, they had to be physically carried from the first to second floor, and vice-versa. Also, with the product line still increasing, this space was soon outgrown.

In 1984, the name was changed to Commercial Bag and Supply Company because it had become so much more diversified than when originally founded.

In 1989, Commercial Bag and Supply moved to a 23,000 square foot building. This served their needs for awhile but again, the time came where they needed more space. They also wanted a more accessible, centralized location.

In 1991, they moved to their current location at 1244 Second Avenue in Des Moines.

Today Commercial Bag and Supply Company offers a full line of supplies for packaging, restaurants, janitorial and contractors, along with textiles including burlap, canvas, woven polypropylene, mesh and cotton.


Commercial Bag and Supply
1244 2nd Ave.
Des Moines, Iowa 50314
515-282-1248 / 1-800-383-1269
Fax: 515-282-7320
Email: sales@commercialbagsupply.com