Animal Feed Bags

Commercial Bag and Supply manufactures custom animal feed bags for agricultural professionals around the country. Utilizing high quality woven polypropylene or durable burlap material, our bags are resistant and long-lasting. Woven polypropylene is a heavy-duty synthetic fabric that is commonly used for sand bags. Since it is made from thermoplastic polymer, it is extremely resistant to decay and perfect for protecting feed materials and animal edibles. We manufacture animal feed bags with, or without, a hem top and tie strings for easy opening and closing. These bags can also be easily printed with your custom logo.

Burlap Feed Bag     animal-feed-bag-custom     Polypropylene Animal Feed Bags

Our burlap animal feed bags are made from durable jute fabric. Jute is an all-natural, durable fabric that that can be easily reused or recycled. These bags are incredibly sturdy and can hold a wide range of animal feed products. Our in-house sewing experts can custom manufacture burlap animal feed bags on demand, and in large qualities. They can also include printed logos and tie strings.

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