Canvas Home Goods

Although canvas used to be produced from hemp, today’s canvas is typically made from either cotton or linen. This heavy-duty material is often used for gardening materials or in thick clothing. However, several hybrid canvas types have become available thanks to new technologies which include waterproof, water-resistant, fire proof, dyed, plastic, and even printed canvas.

 Canvas Tote Bag  Canvas Pouch  Canvas Burlap Bag
Canvas Burlap Bag                                                            Canvas Pouch                                                    Canvas Bag

Above are some custom canvas home goods we’ve produced. Canvas material is also often used to create paintings, wall art, placemats, drop cloths, furniture coverings, curtains, and shoes, among other household uses.  At Commercial Bag & Supply, we use large rolls of raw canvas and are able to cut the canvas into any size needed for your custom orders. We’re able to tackle any project, no matter the size or quantity.

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