custom cotton bagsCommercial Bag & Supply purchases cotton in bulk rolls so our clients’ needs can be met more efficiently. We specialize in customized orders for a number of operations, including agriculture, industrial, and home and lawn care, among many others. We’re happy to work with our clients to produce the exact cotton product they need. Contact us today for more information.

Cotton’s geographic history is spread around the globe, though the first American-planted cotton seed is said to have been around 1556 in Florida. The material has grown in popularity and now is utilized in nearly every industry in some capacity. More than half of US-produced cotton is used for manufacturing apparel.

Cotton is also an ideal material for the medical industry. Its adaptability allows the fabric to hold up to 27 times its own weight in water, and actually becomes stronger when wet. These qualities make cotton the perfect candidate for bandages and swabs.

Cotton Applications

Though the material is widely utilized in industrial and agricultural industries, you can’t forget its more common, every day uses, like carrying your son’s stinky sports practice clothes from his room to the laundry machine. Here are some of the most common cotton applications:

  • wall coveringsbulk cotton
  • laundry bags
  • furniture coverings
  • medical supplie
  • bank/casino money bags
  • painter’s floor coverings
  • metal shavings bag
  • seed sample bags
  • mail bags
  • tents
  • car tire cord
  • fishnets
  • book binding

With Commercial Bag & Supply, you can purchase bulk cotton fabric, or customize your order with our trained specialists who have years of experience in cutting and sewing to nearly any dimension. Check out some of the recent blogs we’ve written on cotton, and don’t forgot to contact Commercial Bag & Supply for your next wholesale or custom order!


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