Uses for Multi-Wall Paper Bags

When you go to the grocery store, the clerk will ask: “paper or plastic?” Multi-wall paper bags are just like the ones you carry your groceries in, but with more layers. These extra layers, or “walls,” are most often made of plastic film, polyethylene coated paper, or foil. These walls work as a protective layer, making your bags water-repellant and insect resistant. These layers also provide an additional barrier against rodents.

Multi-wall paper bags can be sewn in a handful of ways, but Commercial Bag & Supply specializes in two: Sewn Open Mouth (SOM) and Self Opening Square (SOS).

Sewn Open Mouth Paper Bags multi-wall paper bags

These bags are filled by compression or gravity. An open mouth bag is fabricated at the sack plant and the top can be closed in a number of ways at the packing plant. SOM bags are gusseted and have easy open features, a sewn factory end, and a flush cut top.


Self Opening Square Paper Bags multi-wall paper bags SOS

A Self Opening Square paper bag is similar to an SOM bag, but they have a pasted block bottom. They also feature an open end flush cut and are gusseted. These bags are most identifiable by their square looking bottoms (think grocery bags!) when compared to sewn open mouth bags.



Multi-Wall Paper Bag Uses

Multi-wall paper bags can be a particularly handy item to have on hand for a number of industries. The most popular uses include storage for spices, bakery mixes, bulk food, pet food, agricultural feed and seed, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and minerals.


Order Multi-Wall Paper Bags

Commercial Bag & Supply specializes in custom orders, and is currently accepting orders for multi-wall paper bags in one of our specified manufactured sizes listed below:

Sewn Open-Mouth Paper Wall Bag

Item Number Item Description Comments Packing / Pallet
MPB16436 16x4x36″ Multiwall Paper Bags 3-Ply Kraft 2000
MPB16540PE 16x5x40″ Multiwall Paper Bags W/PE 3-Ply Kraft + PE Inner Ply 1400
MPB19540 19x5x40″ Multiwall Paper Bags NK 3-Ply Kraft 1500
MPB21647 21x6x47″ Multiwall Paper Bags 3-Ply Kraft 1200
MPBACE-M-1 15.5x3x31″ Multiwall Paper Bags NK W/PE 3-Ply Kraft + PE Inner Ply 2000
MPBACE-M-4 18x4x37″ Multiwall Paper Bags NK W/PE Pos.2 3-Ply Kraft, PE Between Plies 2000
MPBACE-M-5 18x4x37″ Multiwall Paper Bags NK 3-Ply Kraft 2000
MPBACE-M-6 15.5x3x31″ Multiwall Paper Bags BW W/PE 3-Ply Kraft, White Outer, +PE Inner 2000
MPBACE-M-8 17x3x34″ Multiwall Paper Bags, NK W/PE POS.2 3-Ply Kraft, PE Between Plies 2000
PBWW10GAL 13x8x24″ Wet-Waste Hospital Refuse Bags 1-Ply W-S Kraft W/PE Inner Coat 60 BDLS / 100EA
PBWW30GAL 16x11x39″ Wet-Waste Hospital Refuse Bags 2-Ply W-S Kraft W/PE Inner Coat 50 BDLS / 50EA

Self-Opening Square Paper Wall Bag

Item Number Item Description Comments Packing / Pallet
MPB13732 10 Gallon Biodegradable Paper Refuse Bags 13x7x32″ 2-Ply 50# Wet-Strength 20 BDLS / 100EA
PB30GALREFUSE 30 Gallon Paper Lawn/Leaf Refuse Bags 16x12x35″ 2-Ply 50# Wet-Strength 40 BDLS / 50EA
PB40GALREFUSE 40 Gallon Paper Lawn/Leaf Refuse Bags 20x12x38.5″ 2-Ply 50# Wet-Strength 30 BDLS / 50EA
PB40GALREFUSE2 40 Gallon Paper Lawn/Leaf Bags, Imports 17.5x11x39″ 2-80GR Wet-Strength 35 BDLS / 50EA

Paving Cover Country

Our Midwestern streets see the destruction of winter weather every year. You’re bound to see a pothole or cracked pavement as you drive down Main Street. What could make those go away, and more importantly, stay away? Commercial Bag & Supply, located right in the heartland of “paving cover country,” has the answer.

paving cover burlapA paving cover is essential for the proper curing of concrete in the Midwest. Traditionally, a paving fabric is placed between layers of new pavement as it’s laid. This fabric, commonly made with burlap, functions as a barrier from water infiltration, and effectively reduces cracking of the new surface layer by absorbing stress.

Even the best flooring design plans can produce cracked concrete. When temperatures drop and precipitation occurs, that wetness is absorbed by the concrete or asphalt. When temperatures reach 18 degrees, concrete freezes. At 35 degrees, the concrete will begin to melt, which starts the process of cracking, pitting, crazing, scaling, and our least favorite – potholes.

Though it is an extra step in the repairing of roads, a paving cover saves cost and time whencustom-burlap-1-576x1024 considering the life-longevity of pavement. A typical pavement overlay may last up to 10 years, or twice that long with the use of a paving cover. Installation costs are just 10-20% of the cost to dig out cracked areas where paving fabrics were not previously used.

Our durable 10 ounce burlap jute fabric can be sewn to almost any length or size. Our talented and trained specialists stitch the burlap together using industrial strength sewing machines right here in our warehouse, so your custom paving cover order can be manufactured quickly and shipped out for near-immediate use.

Let us know how we can be of assistance in your next paving cover project.


Common Cotton

Cotton may easily be one of the most common textiles that’s taken for granted. Sure, you know that your comfy t-shirts are made from cotton, but what other household and day-to-day items come from the cotton seed?

But first, a little history: Remember Eli Whitney? Despite cotton’s very old age (as old as 4500 BC!), Whitney revolutionized the industry with his 1793 invention of the cotton gin.


19th Century Cotton Gin

19th Century Cotton Gin


Cotton gins made separating the cotton fibers from their seeds ten times faster. Thanks to this incredibly efficient machine, the cotton industry began to take off.

The earliest cotton seed in America was said to be planted in Florida in 1556, and five centuries later, the United States produces 19% of the world’s cotton, coming in second to China’s production of 24%. Over half of American-produced cotton is used in the manufacturing of apparel, but here are some lesser thought of, but just as common uses of the fabric:

  • wall coverings
  • medical supplies
  • book binding
  • bank/casino money bags
  • painter’s floor coverings
  • metal shavings
  • seed samples
  • mail bags
  • laundry bags

Cotton is an incredibly useful and durable fabric most often used in the industrial and agriculture industries, but you can’t forget its more common, everyday uses too, like carrying your son’s stinky sports practice clothes from his room to the laundry machine.

To best accommodate your requests, we purchase our cotton in bulk rolls so it can be cut and sewn to your exact specifications. If you’re interested in creating a custom cotton order, please let us know!

Shop Rags – Not Just Another Rag

Are you using the same group of rags or towels for everything you do? If so, you might want to continue reading. There are different rags, made from different materials that can best suit your needs. No matter the industry you’re in, you’ve probably come in contact with a shop rag and had to use it to wipe a spill, clean a mess, or dust off a surface.

Commercial Bag & Supply distributes a variety of different shop rags, including:

  • Surgical Rag – You can use these towels with water, oil, and grease. Cleaning items will be a breeze and leave little to no lint. They’re very durable and will be able to handle all types of jobs.
  • Paper Rag – These all-purpose towels come in all kinds, including: flat, pop-up or roll.
  • Polo Shop Rag – Wiping up grease, oil, and other liquids are easy with a polo shop rag.
  • Sweatshirt Wiping Rag – A popular rag that is soft to the hands, yet it can handle a big spill. 
  • Terrycloth Rag – These are one of the more absorbent rags we offer. 
  • Huck Towel – These towels are used in homes to clean windows and dry dishes. Because of its cotton and lint free material and absorbency, these towels are common in the medical field to clean surgical instruments.
  • Thermal Shop Rag – Designed to have a waffle-type weave, these rags are known for its’ softness. The material is often used to for towels, robes, and other products.
  • T-shirt Rags – These are typically a cheaper alternative and are reusable and can easily be cleaned in the washer. They’re great for wiping up water, oil, or other liquids.

Surgical_Rags     Terrycloth_Rags     Huck_Towels     Thermal_Rags

These various types of shop rags are commonly used to wipe things off such as dirt, water, smudges, and more.  The fabric can be cut and colored to meet specific need you might have.  They are often a light or medium weight cotton blend with low to no lint. You can choose a rag based on absorbency or softness. Depending on what you’re using these rags for, a rag that is lint free may be more helpful for you. No matter your preference, we can help you determine the best rag for you.

For a detailed description of the types of rags mentioned, visit our shop rags page.