Dependable food storage bags are essential to maintaining efficiency in cost and time in the agricultural industry. With our woven polypropylene, cotton, and burlap food storage bags, you'll find storing your food is more dependable and easier than ever.

Woven polypropylene makes for one of the strongest food storage bags on the market, and Commercial Bag and Supply has some of the highest quality woven polypropylene material. These food storage bags can also be coated with water resistant gloss to make sure your food stays dry.

Cotton food storage bags are ideal for storing coffee, nuts, cured ham, and flour, among other foods. our cotton food storage bags are ideal for consumers looking for lightweight fabric with ideal strength.

Burlap food storage bags are perfect for holding coffee, peanuts, dried bean, potatoes, rice, and much more. Our burlap bags are made-to-order and include various custom enhancements that will make your food storage bags perfect to fit your specific needs.

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