Choose from burlap or woven polypropylene landscape fabric for your next garden or nursery project. As one of the Midwest's largest bulk wholesale fabric dealers, we keep our prices low for customers while providing highly customizable options for landscape fabric.

Landscape fabric is the ideal solution for controlling weeds without the use of chemicals. Use your landscape fabric to prevent erosion on hillsides, or create easy-on-the-eyes walkways, paths, and flower beds.

Nurseries and professional landscapers can find additional uses for fabric by reducing pesticide use and protecting plants and seeds from insects and other animals.

Burlap Landscape Fabric

Burlap is a more natural fabric option. The natural jute fiber is both strong and biodegradable, preventing chemicals from eventually sleeping into your soil. Many landscapers find burlap a more cost effective solution over time.

Woven Polypropylene Landscape Fabric

Woven polypropylene is a good option for long-term use beneath mulch. The synthetic material doesn't easily decompose, and its tightly woven pattern allows for nutrients and moisture to penetrate, but prevents weed growth.